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SIAE process

SIAE is the Italian Society for authors and publishers dealing about royalties protection.
In Italy, each support containing multimedia programs as well as all medias like CD, audio and video cassettes, cd rom, dvd etc
must have the SIAE label applied. This label is the way to recognized the original product from the pirate one.
Even if a media support has proper songs, the author is obliged to apply this label.
There are SIAE label cost differences and it depends on SIAE registration.
If you are not registered and the cd will go free, each label is 0.0184€, if it will go on sale, each label is 0.0313€.
If you are registered, SIAE label costs are cheaper because at the end of the year, all the authors will receive SIAE royalties.
As regards foreign countries, if the band is not registered, I will send only a declaration of foreign distribution.
SIAE Italian society has international agreements and in each country has a different name.

Just to mention some:
France - SACEM;
Denmark - KODA;
Finland - TEOSTO;
Germany - GEMA;
Greece - AEPI;
Ireland - IMRO;
Norway - TONO;
England - PRS;
Spain - SGAE;
Switzerland - SUISA.