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Collapse studio box

The Collapse Studio Box is a packaging designed by our creatives to meet all those musicians requests loving ecology and our planet health.
This packaging is totally made by cardboard 300/350 gr/mq, with a minimum percentage of foam used to make the "little button" supporting the cd. So, the Collapse Studio Box is 100% recyclable.
The packaging can be realized in 2 or 3 sides using bright or opaque, smooth, grooved or "hammered" cardboard. It's the same cardboard serving as cover and booklet where insert texts, photos, thanks, etc.. The Collapse Studio Box is not a digipack being lighter because there is no plastic tray.
The Collapse Studio Box style has been much appreciated thanks to its elegance and the cut of the use of plastics.

Templates downloading

- 2 or 3 sides
- With smooth, grooved or "hammered" - opaque or bright cardboard.
smooth or "hammered" cardboard from the best paper mills and foam.
elegant, modern, light and environmentally
- who loves prestige packaging;
- who needs to send the product;
- who wants to be noticed: it's easy that in a box full of cd demo, a producer could notice a packaging very different from the others.

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